Ayes have it, Stadium to change to Red Wolf Boulevard

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The ayes have it, Stadium Boulevard from the Highway 63 Interchange down to Johnson Avenue is Red Wolf Boulevard.

The vote passed 8-4 in favor of the change at Tuesday night's city council meeting.

Though the long-debated, sometimes heated discussion is over, it didn't come without it's fair share of discussion before it went to a vote.

Mayor Harold Perrin asked those in attendance at the city council meeting to come forward in either opposition or in favor of the change.

Five people came to the mic against of the change, mainly concerned with confusion it might bring. They said it might not necessarily confuse Jonesboro residents but those visiting from out of town.

"Why can't it be left Stadium Boulevard? It's known all over the United States on maps, GPS and everything," Eddie Copeland said.

"That becomes quite confusing, especially as the town gets bigger," Harold Carter said.

A few even suggested renaming a smaller portion of Stadium, from Stallings to Johnson so that only ASU would be affected by the name change.

That suggestion was never discussed by council members.

Six came forward showing their support of the idea, including the ASU Student Government Association President, a multi-time graduate from the university and the president of the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce.

Many said the name change wouldn't be that difficult to overcome and that it serves as a great way to support ASU.

"This is probably the least thing we can do to thank them for what they do for our community," Mary Ann O'Hara said at the meeting.

Mayor Perrin said you can expect to see the changes soon.

The signs will be made within the next two to three weeks and he hopes to have them in place before Christmas.

ASU is footing the bill but Perrin said the city will install the signs.

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