November Teacher of the Month: Mr. Tim Hendrix

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- After spending five years in the United States Navy band, our November teacher of the Month decided to pursue his passion of teaching.

Tim Hendrix is the assistant band director at Jonesboro High School and has been teaching for 5 years. He also teaches at McArthur Junior High School.

"I think most people who are teachers had that one special teacher in their life that kind of pushed them and that was my band director, Steve Rollins," said Jonesboro High School assistant Band Director, Tim Hendrix.

Hendrix graduated from Nettleton High School in 1999. He then went on to United States Navy where he was stationed in Pearl Harbor.

Five years later, Hendrix decided to pursue his passion of teaching. In 2006, he enrolled in Arkansas State University where he received his undergraduate degree in Music Education.

"You want to make a difference for these kids, I mean that's what it really comes down to and I just get the pleasure of doing it through music," he said.

Hendrix said he is not the same teacher he was when he started.

"There is patience and a pace to teaching that you are not comfortable with your first couple of years," Hendrix said.

But you might say he has now found his rhythm.

"Push them to excel and draw that sound and that idea out of them," he said.

Taking things slow allows Hendrix to reach students at every level.

"You're going to have huge variances of ability from those who are naturally gifted and talented or come from a musical background in the family to those who absolutely no training in music," Hendrix said.

As a husband and father, Hendrix said he tries to find the right balance.

"When do I stop being the teacher and be the dad for my family and for my own kids," he said. "These kids become your own, I mean they are like your kids."

He said every day he pushes his students to find their passion.

"That passion leads to curiosity and that curiosity leads to knowledge," Hendrix said.

He said he is honored to be November's Teacher of the Month especially since he thinks they are so many other great candidates he works alongside every day.

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