Sheriff's office announces "treasure hunt" over unclaimed bonds

WALNUT, AR (KAIT) - The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office is looking to return unclaimed bond money, to those who helped a friend or family member that was arrested. Over $100,000 has been accumulated over the years, and some money goes back to 1997.

"We pulled court files making sure obligations were met," said Sheriff Jody Dotson. "Now we're trying to get some folks some money back."

The Sheriff's Department has been working over two months to come up with a list, for people who are entitled to bond money they never claimed.

"Now that those who were arrested met their obligations, the people who put up the bond are entitled to a refund," said Dotson.

During an audit, bonds that had already been taken through the treasurer's office, were given to the Sheriff's Department to return to the rightful owner.

Dotson said every check they write will need to go either to that person, or if that person is deceased, a family member can bring a copy of the death certificate. That way, they can have proof showing why the money didn't go to that specific person.

A list of those names will continue to be posted on the Times Dispatch, Lawrence County Sheriff's Department Facebook page and Imboden Live.

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