Number of condemned homes rises again, neighbors grateful

One home recently condemned by a city council subcommittee
One home recently condemned by a city council subcommittee

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Three more homes were condemned by a Jonesboro city council sub committee Tuesday night. Mayor Harold Perrin said this year, they've condemned 60 homes. Many of those homes have been demolished and a few brought back up to code in an effort to beautify while curbing potential crime.

O.C. Holbrook lives a few houses down from one of the homes condemned Tuesday night. He told Region 8 News he likes his neighborhood and that he and most his neighbors take care of things.

"Everybody does their own yard and everybody's friendly around here," Holbrook said. "It's real nice here."

A few homes, however, stick out.

"They were working on that one last summer," Holbrook said, noting the house two doors down that was recently condemned. "But they stopped and I haven't seen them back over here again."

Holbrook said something needs to be done.

"You attract some people that you don't want, you know, like drug addicts, stuff like that."

The city has actively worked to clean up dilapidated homes this year, as 60 so far have been condemned. In October, the number was at 50.

The homes are inspected by the Jonesboro Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement. A checklist deems whether the house  is suitable for human habitation and if it's considered a public safety hazard. Owners are given ample opportunity to bring the homes up to code but if not, they could be demolished.

"Whatever they have to do, y'know. If they can get the landlord to keep on fixing them up...either have them tear them down or whatever," Holbrook said "It'll make a big change."

Those houses that were condemned still have to go before the full city council and the owners still have the opportunity to bring them up to code before they might be demolished.

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