Grass Fires Major Headaches for Local Law Enforcement

October 7, 2004--Posted 10:00 pm CDT

Trumann, AR--An extremely dry month is leading local fire departments to wonder about asking county officials for burn bans across the area.  One area hit particularly hard this year is in Trumann where fire men say they have put out nearly fifty grass fires over the past five weeks.  “It’s been bad,” Trumann Fireman Bobby New says “We really don’t want people burning things right now.”


October is usually the time where Region 8 begins receiving rain after the dry times of August and September.  Not this year as much of the area has seen less than one tenth of an inch of rain over the last month and a half.  Add this along with low humidity levels and high winds means a formula for trouble.  “It only takes one cigarette,” Sharon Thomas, a Trumann resident says.


If you have to burn authorities say follow these tips.  Try and burn on higher grounds, make sure no dead plant life is around your fire, and try to use burn barrels for trash.  These helpful tips should help keep down grass fires.