Volunteers honored at St. Bernards Auxiliary luncheon

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Membersof the St. Bernard's Auxiliary are honoring the volunteers who help make adifference.

A luncheon took place atSt. Bernard's Auditorium to pay tribute to those who have given their time toothers. They hosted a fashion show and awards ceremony to recognize valuedvolunteers.

Nettie Whitehead has beenvolunteering for 25 years and said the work is its own reward. "Meeting people everyday, doing something for them, you feel good about that.  So, that's enough award," said Whitehead.

She said volunteering is something everyone should do. "They need to be involved in their community and there's no betterplace than here, or in your schools. Giving back to the community and helping others, you just feel reallygood about it."

Whitehead is one of the 11 people whoreceived recognition for volunteering over 5,000 hours:

  • Sandra Ackeret
  • Jean Ahrens
  • Margaret Aycock
  • Rosalie Barber
  • Dorothy Clark
  • Katherine McCracken
  • Mary Lou McCray
  • Mary Nash
  • Mary Shaver
  • Pat Surbaugh

Seven people had over 500hours.

  • Mary Nell Masterson
  • Sue Lee
  • Ann Ford
  • Paula Dickson
  • Dorothy Clark
  • Rosalie Barber
  • Margaret Aycock

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