Region 8 boys donate their toys to local advocacy center

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Notall super heroes wear a cape and have magical powers. One Jonesboro center iscalling two local boys super heroes because of the size of their heart.

Two brothershave started a movement at the Northeast Arkansas Advocacy Center by donatingtheir toys to kids at the center.

Coen andCallahan Reeves enjoy video games and playing baseball but unlike so many otherkids they also enjoy giving away their toys.

"Some childrenare very sad so that's why we're donating stuff to give to them," Coen said.

KristyNichols is the executive director of Northeast Arkansas Children's AdvocacyCenter and said it all started when she posted a request on Facebook.

'We needed atrain set and I had posted something about needing one and I was trying to buyone actually and I know we don't usually have funds for that kind of thing," she said.

It wasn'tdays later that Coen and Callahan brought their train set to thecenter.

"Not onlydid they give their train set, they wanted to do a little more so they broughtus toys," Nichols said.

"It made mefeel good because I know they would need it more than we did," Callahan said.

The donatedtoys will go on the Wall of Hope and every child who leaves the center will take home a toy.

"To havesomething to bring with them, not to remember this experience but to rememberthe comfort so it does keep their mind off of it," Nichols said.

She said these boys did something much bigger than just bring in their toys.

"We'rehoping this will start a movement among kids because they are super heroes whenthey do things like that," Nichols said.

She saidthis gives kids a chance to help out in the community and learn about charity.

"This issomething that they can do, they can go in the bedroom after Christmas, afterSanta visits us, we can go and see what they have that's in good condition thatcan be of help to others," she said.

TheNortheast Arkansas Children's Advocacy Center will be posting a Black Friday wishlist on their Facebook page. On December 3rd the center will have an open house where they invitethe community out to their facility.

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