Church holds annual bazaar and bake sale

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) -Saint John Lutheran Church in Lafe had its annual Craft Bazaar and Bake Sale onSaturday.

The Bazaar is the largestfundraiser the church puts on during the year. It's an annual event that theyalways hold the weekend before Thanksgiving.

The money that was raisedon Saturday will go to the women's group at the church.

Tammy Christian is thechurch secretary and said that the women's group uses the money from this fundraiserfor various projects. "[The money is used for] supplies for the kitchen, and wedo repairments and stuff for the church we keep those up, all the communionwear and that kind of stuff," said Christian. "And we support Mission Outreachwith monetary donations a couple times a year."

The sale featured arts and crafts, bakedgoods, and holiday decorations.

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