Students locate fire hydrants for GPS system

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro High School Key Club started up a new community service project to help the Jonesboro Fire Department.

"We're going out to get all the fire hydrants in a certain map location, just so when fire fighters go out they know exactly where it is," said Key Club President Emily Harral.

The City of Jonesboro has only marked public fire hydrants into a GPS system, and while City Water and Light has those taken care of, the key club at JHS is working to locate hydrants in neighborhoods and other areas.

"When firefighters go out, they'll know exactly where it is," said Harral. "In the downtown area it can be hard, because they don't know if it's on the left side of street or right side of the street."

When the Jonesboro fire chief reached out to their sponsor, Nancy Ritter, she knew it would be a great opportunity for both the key club and her students.

"We're doing it as a community service project, but her math class that she teaches at JHS is doing it for classroom grades and projects," said Harral.

It's not just the key club who is getting involved. Other groups have stepped up to help in order to get it done by their deadline.

"Each person in key club is doing it, along with the interact club," said Harral. "Kiwanis is doing it with us too, because we wanted someone over the age of 18 to take us out."

Harral said Operation GPS is scheduled to be completed by March.

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