Wintry weather could impact Thanksgiving travel plans

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - Thanksgiving is just days away and it's "over the river and through the woods" for many Region 8 motorists, seeking to settle in for the holidays.

However, an upper disturbance overspread Region 8 early Monday with a light mix of sleet, snow and rain.

The roads are clear now but Gary Mask with Keg Truck Sales urges motorists to take caution and watch for puddles of water and even patches of ice on the highway.

"Whenever it first starts raining, naturally the oil starts to come to the surface quicker, when it first starts. Most of the time, that is the most dangerous time."

Motorists have been keeping the roads hot despite the inclement weather.

Mask says car wrecks really start to pick up during the holiday season.

"It's the hustle and bustle. People are just in a hurry."

Mask admits that even safe drivers can lose control on slick spots.

Accidents happen sometimes, but there are ways to stay steady at the wheel.

"You always steer into the way you're turning. Steer into the way you're turning, not away."

Holiday travelers should also leave plenty of stopping room and to avoid using cruise control.

Mask has one simple yet important phrase to sum it all up.

"Slow down, think and look."

For the latest road conditions, follow the link to the AHTD:

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