Farmers Look to Skies For Rain

October 8,2004-Posted 3:00 pm CDT

Craighead County--The lack of rain is catching up with area farmers.  Soybean farmers seem to be among the hardest hit.  They historically are some of the last to harvest their crops and rain is needed to “finish out” their crops.  Soybeans not “finished out” can cost farmers; one farmer saying he could lose about 20 to 25 dollars an acre. 


“I would like to see an inch or an inch and half of rain.”Craighead County farmer Joe Christian says. Others agree but for different reasons.  “Fatigue is setting in,” Craighead County CO-OP employee Brandon Thiesse says, “and that is when we see some serious injuries.  A good rain could mean farmers would have time to rest.  Right now Thiesse says many farmers are about a month ahead of schedule for harvesting their fields.

If there is any good news it is that rain is expected in the region over the weekend.  Hopefully it will be just enough to make area farmers happy.