SEMO Food Bank feeds 500 families

KENNETT, MO -  Thanksgiving came a little early for some of the neediest in Region 8.

The SEMO Food Bank hosted a mobile food pantry in Kennett Monday to provide needy families with food to celebrate the holiday.

Volunteers were set to give out food at 3 p.m., but a line started outside in the cold hours before.

The pantry supplied more than $1,200 worth of food to about 500 families.

All of the families received everything to make a typical Thanksgiving meal, meat, sides and desserts.

Dunklin County is one of the poorest counties in Missouri. One of the volunteers said the holiday season is the perfect time to do things like this.

"Some people actually prepare a meal, but we're actually giving them the food to be able to prepare it themselves for their families. I think that's a neat way of getting the food into the home for the holidays," Backpacks for Friday coordinator Jennifer Nigut said.

The mobile food pantry was last in Kennett two years ago for Thanksgiving. Volunteers were able to feed about 300 families, but had to turn almost 150 away.

Nigut said that's how big of an impact donations can have.

If you would like to help the SEMO Food Bank this holiday season, visit its website.

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