Lower ISO rating could help lower property insurance

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Lower property insurance may be in store in one Region 8 area. The ISO rating for the Philadelphia Volunteer Fire Department has recently lowered, but the change will only affect some residences in the county.

"As of November 11st this district is a 5/10 ISO rating," said Assistant Fire Chief Curtis Miller.

A split in the ISO number is based on the location of a home, and how far it is from where the fire station is located.

"We do have some residences in the district that fall out of a five road mile radius of the department," said Miller. "Those people will still be a class 10, and everyone else is a class 5."

For those who fall under that five road mile radius, they could start to see lower property insurance.

"A lot of that is up to the insurance companies, but it should be a fairly decent savings compared to what they were on a class seven," said Miller.

Along with keeping up with training and man power, staying on top of required tools was very crucial in their effort to lower the rating.

"We're required to have a certain amount of equipment on the truck, a number of hose and a certain amount of hand tools," said Miller.

For volunteer fire stations looking to lower their ISO rating, Miller said working with an ISO representative will help with the process.

"They'll give you a packet of information that you have to fill out for equipment requirements," said Miller.

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