Region 8 Undecided Voters React to Presidential Debates

October 11, 2004 -- Posted 8:45 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- 8 days after their initial face off, President Bush and Senator John Kerry squared again on Friday evening in St. Louis in a town hall-style debate. 140 uncommitted voters were chosen to sit in the audience, some came with their own questions .

The buzz in Jonesboro is all about the Presidential race at one senior citizen home in Jonesboro.

"I'm undecided right now," said Senior Citizen Robert Burns.

"It's a toss up actually the way I feel," said Bonnie Sweet.

But these voters are sure about one thing, the candidate they vote for must address the issues that matter to them the most.

"I would like to hear more about what they're going to do for the elderly," said Sweet.

"A lot of people say that one will cut out the social security," said Burns.

Up until now, the focus of this Presidential race has been on the war in Iraq, and it's for that reason some voters in Region 8 say they're unhappy with the choices they have in this election season.

"The jobs have been bad, we've had a lot of unemployment," said Cynthia Stark.

For others it's the bitterness of politics that's turned them away from the political process.

"Both of them just bash each other all the time, that's pretty much what you hear from them is how bad the other one is," said Laura Snow.

So as Bush and Kerry set out to win over undecided voters, many of those same voters have decided to wait another 4 years, hoping someone will come along that they're sure of.

"4 more years of Bush we know what we're going to get, 4 years of Kerry, we really don't know what we're going to get," said Sweet.

The third and final Presidential debate will be on Wednesday, October 13th, in Tempe Arizona.