Preparations underway at stores for Black Friday shopping

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- It might seem calm right now for the customers but Walmart Assistant Manager, Amy Wrenfro, said employees have been working since Wednesday at 7am, for an event that doesn't happen until 6pm on Thursday.

"If we didn't take the time to move this stuff in, we wouldn't have it available for the customers when the event times start," said Wrenfro. "Planning ahead of time is key."

Although, they're already put out items in the middle of the isles, the merchandise isn't up for grabs until the holiday deals begin.

"We get this stuff out so we can have it available for the customers," said Wrenfro. "However, it won't be available to purchase until Thursday at 6pm."

The preparations of Thanksgiving night deals and Black Friday specials take a lot of employees to pull off.

"We have over 270 associates scheduled to work during those times to make sure we have enough customer service," said Wrenfro.

Wrenfro said it's a lot of planning and preparing, but it's all done so that the customers are satisfied and wanting to come back again next year.

"We are expected to have more customers in the store because event times are earlier, but we think it will be successful and go down without any incidents or accidents," said Wrenfro.

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