Grocery, liquor stores see big rush pre-Thanksgiving

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Accidental or not, last minute shopping happens. Most of us correlate last minute shopping with purchasing Christmas gifts but it happens pre-Thanksgiving too. It's a different kind of last minute shopping though as people rush to put food and drinks on the table for the holiday.

We've all been there, list in hand with those last minute items you haven't picked up yet.

"I saw a guy with a big ole notebook just full of stuff to get," Bill's Fresh Market Assistant Manager, Keith Daniels said.

Though Daniels explained the trend they see is a lot of people buying few items.

"Like the cranberry sauce or the pumpkin they forgot or some celery," he said.

That wasn't necessarily the case with Frank Brewer, the last minute shopper said he just kept putting it off.

"I've just been busy this week," he told Region 8 News prior to heading to the check-out line. "So I had a few minutes of time so here I am."

As Brewer is making a family favorite, whiskey wieners, he said he couldn't just not grab the ingredients.

"Had to go to the spirit store to make this with," he explained. "They're real good. Family likes to snack on them."

He's not the only one using alcohol either in or with their Thanksgiving meal. A couple miles down the road, Poinsett Package store was having a busy day too.

"A lot of people are purchasing rums for rum cakes, Kahlua for Kahlua pecan pie," PPS night manager Dawn Skidmore explained.

Their biggest buys right now though are wine.

"People asking for a good wine to cook with...a good wine for the Thanksgiving table," she explained.

Skidmore said they sold a lot of wine on Tuesday as people coupled the Tuesday wine discounts with preps for the holiday.

But whether it was buying Wild Turkey or an actual turkey, those businesses say they see a big rush pre-holiday.

"We close at midnight and we will probably see this rush until midnight. Everybody trying to get their last minute purchases."

If you're a very last minute shopper, both stores open at 7 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

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