Big box stores start holiday shopping rush ahead of Black Friday

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Shoppers may as well forget about BlackFriday because this year most of the deals start on Grey Thursday.

Several big box stores, including Target and Best Buy, kickedoff the holiday shopping rush early by opening Thanksgiving Day instead of theday after.

The desire to save some money and check off items on theirshopping lists drew people away from their Thanksgiving leftovers much earlierthan expected.

Terry Williams of Jonesboro skipped having a Thanksgivingmeal entirely to wait almost 10 hours outside Best Buy in Jonesboro. He hoped toscore some savings on a few big ticket items that his family wanted forChristmas.

"I'm getting a TV," Williams said. "I'm getting a computer,and I'm getting a tablet. I'm getting a camcorder, a camera, a GPS and thoselittle DVD players."

Williams was first in line at Best Buy for the second yearin a row. He got to the store at 8:30 Thursday morning, followed shortlythereafter by Brianna Kiplinger and her mother. The MacArthur Junior High studentmade it to the store by 9:30 a.m. so that she could buy a discounted KindleFire with her own money.

"I've been working at the ASU football games since thebeginning of the season," Kiplinger said. "I've been saving money up and moneyup, and I've been giving it to my mom."

When Best Buy finally opened at 6 p.m. Thursday, Brianna aswell as Williams rushed into the store knowing exactly where they needed to goto find what they wanted.

"They gave us maps so that we could kind of find our wayaround the store," Williams said. "Now the TV, I've got a coupon for, so I'mguaranteed the TV, but the other items I'm wanting – it's a first, first servebasis."

Not even 30 minutes after the doors opened, Brianna goteverything she came for and then some, and so did Williams.

Down the street at Target, the customers there had to waituntil 8 p.m. to get into the store. Kerry Fitzgerald of Cash got to the storearound noon, waiting in line almost nine hours to get one item.

"The TV," Fitzgerald said. "[It's] 50-inch for 230[dollars]."

With the Black Friday shopping rush starting so early thisyear, that left plenty of time for people like Fitzgerald and Williams to gohome and enjoy the meal that they missed earlier in the day.

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