15 People Die in a Tour Bus Crash in Crittenden County

"None of these personnel are prepared today to tell you how this crash happened," says Bill Sadler of the Arkansas State Police.

Officials dug through the wreckage of an early morning bus crash, where all but 1 of the 30 people on board were ejected from the bus after the top sheared off when it overturned.

15 were killed, the rest were injured and taken to Memphis and West Memphis hospitals.

"It was chaos right at that moment," says Bill Sadler of the Arkansas State Police.

The tour bus was out of Chicago heading to Tunica.

However less than an hour away, where I-55 and Highway 63 come together, the bus for some reason left the Interstate.

"One witness says she thought the bus tried to take the exit the other thought there was no erratic driving through the course," says Mickey Strayhorn an Arkansas State Trooper.

Leaving investigators to piece together the last moments of the ride.

"To be honest with you I have probably more questions about this than ya'll do," says Lt. Tim Carter.

One officer described the scene when he arrived.

"It looked similar to an explosion"

An explosion that has investigators sorting out identities.

Something made harder because the victims families are two states away.

"We just have a partial manifest at this time so that is why we need to go through the debris to identify every victim or passenger," says Special Agent Dale Arnold.