Entergy Arkansas continues preparations for Winter Storm

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Entergy is the state's largest electric provider, so when potential storms are on the way, they prepare days before.

"We're ramping up right now at our service centers making sure we have materials on hand," said Entergy Customer Service Manager David Burnette.

Burnette said they've been preparing since they first got word of potential winter weather.

"We're tweaking and adjusting our response system to respond with adequate force as necessary," said Burnette.

They've been making sure all materials are available and are working properly.

"They're checking the trucks, snow chains, and chain saws," said Burnette. "All the equipment making sure it's up to speed and ready to go."

In a major storm event they don't have facilities large enough to keep a large number of trucks so they assign staging areas.

"We have staging areas where people work with us," said Burnette. "I want to make sure those areas will be up to speed and ready to go, in case we need to mobilize one of those in our area."

They've also been communicating with others outside state lines to ensure all resources will be available.

"We've been talking with Entergy personnel outside our jurisdiction here in Arkansas," said Burnette. "Those recourses can come from contractors and even other utilities as well."

After the 2009 ice storm, Burnette said Entergy took the initiative to limit the damage done when both trees and power lines freeze close together.

"We cleared over 6500 miles of lines in Arkansas this year as part of our annual tree trimming process," said Burnette. "It cost up to $20,000,000 but it's a very effective deterrent in ice storms."

If you are an Entergy customer you can download their app for the latest information on outages, and when they'll be up and running. You can also visit their Entergy storm center online.

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