Craighead Electric prepares for winter storm

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Craighead Electric has prepared for weeks to get ready for winter storms that could start Thursday.

But even with all the preps, the company still has some concerns.

Communications Coordinator Justin Etter said they are most worried about the 21 sub stations in the area, what the company calls the "heart" of power.

"Where the catastrophic area is supposed to hit could possibly be some bigger sub stations, which could affect major transmission lines, which could actually affect lots of people," Communications Coordinator Justin Etter said.

If it does hit, Etter said Craighead Electric is ready.

"Have plenty of fuel and everything that we need, supplies, poles, lines, transformers. Everything, dispatch from all of our other offices will come through here. Monitors that display maps, locations, where every member is, every power line, pole substation, you name it. We'll be ready to go for whatever it throws at us," Etter said.

The company had to cancel all of its employees' vacations this week until the storm blows over.

All employees will work between 12 and 16 hours a day and deal with the outages on a highest priority basis.

"We'll have somebody out their continuously until we can get the power back on," Etter said.

However, Etter said be prepared to be out of power. He said the best thing to do is call as soon as the power goes out.

"Don't expect that your neighbor called in so you're okay. Make sure that you call in your own address for the outage," Etter said.

Etter said to make sure Craighead Electric has your most current phone number and address.

"Land lines will be obviously out of power so we need a good number to reach them at so we can call and see what the issue is or if there power is back on," Etter said. "We will work diligently and speedy and try to get it done."

If you would lose power, call the company's outage number at 1-888-771-7772.

To monitor the latest outages, visit Craighead Electric's website and new Facebook page.

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