Jonesboro preparing emergency shelters and transportation

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The City of Jonesboro is preparing emergency shelters and transportation in case the services are needed during the winter storm.

"The city of Jonesboro has three shelters at each one of our community centers," said Jonesboro Chief Operating Officer LM Duncan. "We've got generators in each spot and they're ready to go."

JETS, Jonesboro's public transit system, has a plan prepared for providing transportation to shelters, according to JETS Transit Coordinator Steve Ewart.

"In states of emergency we have to go under the command and control of the Office of Emergency Management," he said.

"If the Office of Emergency Management needs us they give a call to the mayor. The mayor works with us and gives us our tasking."

Ewart said the ice storm four years ago prepared his staff for the weather that will land on Region 8 over the next few days.  "Back in 2009 for six straight days we worked 24/7."

Ewart says his office will set up command at Jonesboro Fire Station #2 with three buses running and all staff available.

"We'll have a supervisor on duty at all times. We'll have drivers on duty at all times and when the call comes we'll task that particular group of drivers to their particular requirement."

Call Jonesboro City Hall at (870) 932-1052 for information about the emergency shelters and transportation. Call 1-800-SET-NEWS or email to publicize information about any emergency shelters and transportation in Region 8.

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