Demand for generators clears shelves

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - For several retailers on Thursday the demand for generators cleared shelves. Many of them had to get a truck full brought in to keep up with customers. Anthony Davis was one of many customers to visit O'Reilly Auto Parts to purchase one for his friend.

"Well I have a frat brother down in Wynne, Arkansas who called me and told me to come down and pick up a generator for him," Davis said. "He said Wynne, Arkansas is completely out of generators."

When Davis got the call from his friend earlier that day, he was quick to call O'Reilly's and grab what they had left.

"He said he had no luck finding a generator," Davis said. "He said he's been out hunting for generators since early this morning."

Besides the lack of generators, Davis said the folks in Wynne have been stocking up on necessities just in case the storm leaves them without power and they're stuck at home.

"The shelves are completely bare in the grocery store, so they're making good preparations in Wynne," Davis said.

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