CWL ready to power Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - City Water and Light made sure it had plenty of insurance Thursday before the worst of the winter storm hit.

Special Projects Administrator Kevan Imboden said the company upped tree trimming crews from three to nine.

It brought in eight contractor power line crews if the city experienced widespread outages.

Imboden said CWL also has two large generators specifically for events like this.

"These local generators would allow us to supply the city's load on an average day here in Jonesboro. So it gives us that insurance if something catastrophic does happen, that we can keep the lights on in Jonesboro," Imboden said.

Imboden said generators like this are used in jets so they are very reliable and robust. Since they run off natural gas and diesel, Imboden said there is really no way for them to lose power.

If your power would go out, Imboden said City Water and Light will work as fast as they can to get it back on. He said the company asks for your patience and understanding during this potentially hectic time.

If your power goes out and you plan to use a personal backup generator, here are some safety tips from City Water and Light:

  • Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning by never operating the generator indoors or near openings (windows, doors and vents) to any building that can be occupied. 
  • Do not use while wet. Generators pose a risk of shock and electrocution, especially if they are operated in wet conditions.
  • Never connect directly to a home or building's wiring without using a qualified, licensed electrician. This is extremely dangerous and may send electricity to the power lines CWL employees are working to restore.
  • Use proper extension cords. Connect appliances to the generator using heavy-duty extension cords that are specifically designed for outdoor use or directly into the proper electrical outlet on the generator itself.
  • When in use, the generator must be isolated from CWL's electrical system.
  • The primary hazards to avoid when using a generator are carbon monoxide poisoning from the toxic engine exhaust, electric shock or electrocution and fire.
For information on CWL outages and more, visit the company's website

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