Victims' Families Travel To The Mid-South To Visit Loved Ones

October 11, 2004--Posted at 5:30 p.m. CDT

MEMPHIS--Images from Saturday's deadly bus accident are shocking.

Fourteen people are  dead.

Numerous others injured.

Brian Redmond's father was injured in the crash.

"I'm still in shock. He's not out of the woods yet,"said Redmond.

Families hundreds of miles away agonize as they wait to hear the status of loved ones involved in this deadly accident.

The injuries are extensive.

Kevin Clay is waiting for news about his loved one.

"He was the one who had the laceration to his neck. Just a large cut right there,"said Clay.

LaTonya Patick to visit her mother who was involved in the accident.

"She's paralyzed from the waste down, but she does have sensation in her legs,"said Patrick.

Seven victim's from Saturday's deadly accident were taken to Memphis.

As of today, 3 are in fair condition, 2 are in critical condition, one is in good condition, and another is still in serious condition.

Families are leaning on each other as they await any news concerning victim's delicate conditions.

"My brother is better today than he was on Saturday, and that is a plus. He seems to be breathing better on his own,"said Clay.

Strangers have become family as they all wait together.

They are placing no blame right now.

"I just want my dad back, I just want my dad back,"said Redmond.

Hopeful hearts are anxiously waiting...... well wishes for those who are recovering, and prayers for those who were lost.

"The family just wants to say thank you to the wonderful people of Arkansas, and how they went to bat for my family, and all the people that were on the bus.