Jonesboro drivers still face slick roads

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Region 8 took to the streets Sunday to see how road conditions have improved.

The main roads in Jonesboro are mostly clear of ice, but many side roads and neighborhoods are still slick.

Police are still out reminding drivers to slow down and more cars are left abandoned alongside the road.

"It's still pretty icy out there," Jonesboro resident Bill Rowe said. "I've lived in Nebraska and Pennsylvania so this is sort of petty. But the roads are pretty bad because we don't have the equipment. We're not prepared."

"There's been more traffic on the road. Last night, I had to go out for something and it was really slick. You could hardly stop at stop signs and then you couldn't get going," Jonesboro resident Debbie Bolt said. "I went like ten, 15 mph all the way home and still did some sliding."

The ice is especially dangerous in parking lots.

"I went to Walmart to get dog food and of course they had it scraped and plowed, but getting to it, I mean, that's all ice. It's pretty dangerous," Rowe said.

However, the ice did not stop these two from traveling.

"I've been in town every day. I haven't stopped. It hasn't slowed me down," Rowe said.

"The roads seem better or maybe I'm just getting used to driving on them more," Bolt said.

They both agreed if you are not experienced driving in this weather, stay home.

"A lot of these people, they aren't used to it so they can say they don't know any better or whatever. But some people are just gonna speed," Rowe said.

"I almost got rear-ended because of that. A little pickup started sliding and he was going really fast," Bolt said.

If you need to leave your home, Bolt and Rowe said the key is to drive extra slow with caution.

"I put my all-wheel drive on then put your car into low gear so it doesn't shift on you so you slide on the ice. And you go really slow and watch hard for traffic," Bolt said.

"Preferably have front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. It's not bad to drive on if you just are careful and go slow," Rowe said.

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