Christmas shoppers out despite icy roads

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The winter weather made it difficult for Christmas shoppers to get out this weekend. However, despite icy roads some local stores said they had more business than they anticipated.

"It was a little bit slower than expected, but we actually did get positive sales so we felt like it was the right thing to do to stay open," said Target Executive Team Leader Bailey Brown. "We actually got more than we expected."

Although, the weather may have kept a bigger crowd from showing up, Brown said they're certain they'll make up in sales what they didn't get this weekend.

"We do feel like those guests that needed those presents this weekend will need them next weekend, so we do feel like we'll be able to make it up," said Brown.

However, the ice on the roads didn't stop some shoppers from checking off that Christmas list.

"On Saturday we actually did have quite a bit of guests in the store and today as well," said Brown. "I would say Saturday was a little bit busier, but I don't feel like the weather kept people out like we once thought it would."

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