Power of Prayer Learned by Example

In an office next to the craighead county courthouse annex, Harry Hurst practices law. He spends most of his time with paper work or communicating with clients, but even the challenges a thriving law practice present, can not compare to the personal challenges he's faced. At four years old a game of batman and robbin turned deadly. Harry says "We had a cape on that was really just a towel, and I wasn't smart enough to understand not to stand next to a fireplace when I'm wearing a towel at age four. And sure enough the towel was draped into the fireplace and I caught fire very quickly" Harry's survival was uncertain, brain damage was likely, a future law degree... out of the question. Harry says that's when his family and caretakers turned to the power of prayer "Fotunately I had a very good nurse who was also a nun who stayed up with me all night, and had a good watch over me at the hospital, and a lot of prayer" Other than some scarring, Harry says he's had a normal life... becoming a high school football standout, a college tennis player, and a father. But Harry's story doesn't end there. While pregnant with their son, Tyler, Harry's wife Laura was diagnosed with cancer. Laura says "I think that night is when I just finally fell on my knees and said, I don't know what to pray or what to do. But all I know is I can pray" Testing had to be done, surgery had to be scheduled, treatment had to be given... all without hurting their unborn child. Laura's fear was that she and he son may not survive. "What if I don't ever get to see his face, I don't have a face to this baby, and I didn't know if I would make it and I just wanted to be able to know I would recognize him one day. The following morning we went to the o.b., I didn't know they were going to do an ultrasound, and he had me come do an ultra sound to check his size in case he came early." Laura had been given a glimpse of what her son may look like... she carried the ultrasound picture into surgery. Harry says seeing Laura wheeled into surgery and all he could do is was just wait and worry and pray, was probably the toughest thing he's had to endure. But prayer was about the only thing that got him through it. The surgery was a success. Laura hopes in three years to be cancer free... and Tyler now has a chance to know his brother Mathew and sister Megan.