Anxiety running high for Red Wolves fans with Harsin in Boise

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State's Bryan Harsin was at Boise State Monday interviewing for the head football coach position.

According to CBS Sports, Boise State's current head coach, Chris Petersen, is joining the Washington Huskies as head coach.

Harsin's potential move is creating anxiety among the ASU football fan base. The recurring phrase was, "It boggles the mind."

These fans were not referring to if Harsin gets the job or not, rather the "astronomical odds" that this program would be looking for its fifth head coach in five seasons.

"The possibility of having five head coaches in five years, you would think the football program would be a toxic waste dump. But here it is, three time champion or co-champion during this time," Brad Bobo, host of "The Drive," said. "Potential employees may say your five year, your ten year plan, but these people at A-State will say, 'Tell us your 12 month plan.'"

Some ASU football fans were more understanding. 

"It's his home. I would go home, too, I think," Design Shoppe owner Hoppy Hoffman said. "I'm not upset. You can't get upset after three of them so you just go."

Others were more let down. 

"It would be disappointing if we lost our fourth coach for a fourth year in a row, especially after the success we've had," Jonesboro resident Marshall Sigsby said. 

Sigsby said the team needs consistency, especially for the players' sake. 

"I think it's hard on them having to have a staff turnover every year. So, you know, in the long run, it'd be good for the players to have someone to bond a little more with besides one season," Sigsby said. 

"They're having to learn a new system so it's tough on them," Hoffman said.   

Both agreed the replacement needs to produce numbers.  

"Production builds the fan base. As long as they bring in someone energetic that's gonna keep the fans coming and keep a positive thing with Arkansas State, then that's what we're looking for. We're not looking for someone who's gonna set roots for 15 or 20 years. I don't think you want that any more," Hoffman said. 
"I'd like them to stay for at least two years at some point," Sigsby said. 

But regardless of who the coach is, fans are optimistic.

"We are still winning. We're bringing in winners in the recruiting process as well so the guys work to win, regardless of who the coach is. So that's the best part of what's been instilled now at ASU is we are having a winning program now."

If Boise State would choose Harsin, the school would have to pay his $1.75 million buyout.

Fans said the big question is, "Has Boise State looked in depth of what Harsin has done at Arkansas State or is it just looking at the surface?" Many said if Boise is only looking at the surface, it is not going to spend the money.

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