Roof collapses at Jonesboro parking garage

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- The roof collapsingat a local parking garage has forced the city to look at other buildings aroundtown.

The city of Jonesboro building official is warning other business ownersto be cautious if they are in older buildings with a flat deck roof.

ChiefBuilding Official Terry Adams said the weight of the ice forced the roof ofthis building to collapse so now he plans to inspect other buildings to makesure this doesn't happen again.

"There'snothing that says they're going to stay in place," Adams said.

He said Jonesboro Police called him earlier today about a building collapsing on Union Street.

"Right nowwe're waiting for a crew to come out and look at it, we're going to try to topplethe front back in to relieve the pressure," he said.

Adams said theywant to make sure the buildings surrounding the garage are stable.

"I'm worriedabout the one sitting just south of it because it's another storage garage and thereis no way for the ice to melt off of it," Adams said. "It'ssetting and building pressure up on it and naturally these old buildings won'thold that weight."

Adams saidthis has never happened before even during the big ice storm in 2009.

"This is thefirst time we've had something collapse that I know of," he said. "I'd say this one herejust gave way old structure, old lumber in it and stuff like that, you know thestructure left it."

But nowAdams is concerned about other buildings like this one.

"With this occurringnow, I'll start getting out and checking a few more the flat top buildingsthose are the ones that's going to hold that weight on it," Adams said.

He said heis mostly worried about the buildings that are not heated.

"That's goingto give us the most problems. People need to be aware when they're in thesestructures especially old ones on a flat deck roof they need to be a little leerywhen they're going in and out of them," Adams said.

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