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Concerns brought to city council over firefighter gear

There are some concerns Tuesday night about how gear used by Evansville firefighters is cleaned. 

Earlier this year, the fire department purchased extractors, washing machines built to clean their equipment. Fire Chief Mike Connelly says the cleaning process takes awhile and so they've fallen behind.

That's why on Monday night, he told city council he needs someone on staff to monitor the task ensuring all gear is cleaned. 

But some council members are suggesting a different approach

"The fire department might want to think about making it mandatory for the firefighters to wash their gear, bring it down after a fire, or after it gets dirty to get it done. So this would be something instead of maybe paying somebody to do this, let's require it. Let's make it mandatory," said councilman Jonathan Weaver. 

The fire chief says he plans to come to the next council meeting with an update on how they will handle the cleaning process.

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