Why are the roads still icy?

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT)-The winterstorm may be gone but the icy is not. Many people are asking why there is still ice on the roads and highways in Region 8.

"It's iceand ice is more significantly more challenging to remove from the highwaysright away than snow is," said Danny Straessle, spokesman for Arkansas Highway Transportation Department.

He said it was easier toclear the roads last year because they were only dealing with snow.

"We canplough snow all day and we would love to plough snow all day instead of trying totackle ice," Straessle said. "You can'tjust drop a blade,a plough blade on the roadways and start ploughing ice becauseyou'll either tear up the roadways or you will tear up the blade."

He said no two winter weather events are the same and their priority is to get the mosttraveled routes cleared first.

"Interstate55, US highway 49, US 67 and alsohighways that provide connectivity from one community to another like UShighway 63," Straessle explained.

He said when it comes to funding, there is no separate amount for winter weather.

"Removingsnow and ice from the state highway is highway maintenance. Winter weatherprecipitation removal is just strictly maintenance in our eyes," he said. "During thelast 10 years, on average ,we've averaged about 6 point 2 million dollars peryear."

But Straessle said moneymay not always be the solution.

"It's too soon afterthe event to say hey you need to throw more money at it, hey you need to throwmore equipment and materials at it," he said.

Straesslesaid he is hoping to have all the roads and state highways clear by the end ofthe week.

"We willcontinue to address all the ice patches that come up."

Straesslesaid they are also consulting the Missouri and Iowa's Department of Transportation tolook for better practices that they can put into play.

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