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Ice covered roads causing headaches for parents, bus drivers


Many rural roads continue to be ice covered, and that's causing headaches for school bus drivers in Gibson County. 

North and East Gibson Schools were on a two hour delay, but some parents wonder why there was school at all after getting a call from their bus driver.

Maren Phelps lives on Division Street in Francisco and she has two children that go to school in Oakland City, which is part of the East Gibson School Corporation.

Phelps says she received a call from their bus driver on Wednesday morning, telling her that he would not be coming to pick up her kids because of the road conditions.

Phelps says she does not blame the bus driver, but wonders why they didn't just cancel school. She says that after she heard from the driver, she had to take her children to school and then got stuck for 45 minutes on her road.

The superintendent of the East Gibson School Corporation says some buses were unable to pick up 11 student Wednesday morning. When this happens, Mike Brewster says the drivers are supposed to call the parents and then report the incident to the head of transportation. 

"It would have been nice to get the phone call last night that way me and my husband could have worked out something because he left for work early this morning. Therefore I was trying to get a hold of him at work this morning to let him know the kids weren't going to be where they were supposed to be and so on. Just a little courtesy would have been nice," Phelps said.   
Brewster says this is a relatively new situation for him, but he assured Phelps, her kids and others would not be counted as late

Phelps says that although this has never happened before, she hopes to receive some more advanced notice if it does happen again in the future. 

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