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Community gathers for concert to honor late EPD Detective

Nathan Schroer and his wife, Lindsey. Nathan Schroer and his wife, Lindsey.

The cold weather didn't stop hundreds of people from going to a concert on Wednesday that honored late Evansville Police Detective Nathan Schroer. 

The show went will into the night at the old North High School. It was a concert that Detective Schroer had been working on before his death just three weeks ago.

"It's really hard, but I can tell he's here. I can tell by the people talking about him. The people saying how much he'd enjoy this," said Evansville Police Detective Brian Turpin.

Detective Turpin says when Nathan and him were planning the concert, he never thought he'd have to take the stage alone.

"Hopefully tonight you listen to the music with open ears and open hearts," Turpin said.

Turpin says it was Nathan's dream to bring the Christmas Pageant Tour to Evansville and have E-2, a Christian hip-hop artist, signed to their own Nkosi record label, be the opening act.  

"This is what he was all about because it combined two things he loved, preaching Christ and then about the music," Turpin shared. 

"He is no stranger to the music industry. It's his passion and he loved it and he was good at it," said Lindsey Schroer, Nathan's wife. 

Lindsey says besides his work as a Pastor at Northwoods Church, Nkosi Records was Nathan's passion. A chance to share his faith and help those in need.

"It's exciting and it's also a little overwhelming just to be here and not have my husband here with me," Lindsey said.

Hundreds of faithful fans came out to hear five bands and support the legacy Nathan left behind.

"I am forever grateful to this community. They have gone above and beyond to help my family and I'm forever grateful," Lindsey said.  

"Nathan and I had said all along, if this leads one person to Christ, all the hard work is worth it," Turpin said.

Turpin says money raised on Wednesday night will help continue Nathan's mission. Donations were also collected for Lindsey and their three children.

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