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Hometown Patriot - David Stahl

David Stahl rode through three major hurricanes and took part in several naval rescues in the Atlantic Ocean during his service in the U.S. Navy on board the U.S.S. Luce. 

"They'd rescue downed pilots or people from vessels," said Stahl. "We'd rescue people that were just walking across the flight deck and got hit by jet blast and knocked off the aircraft carrier. We'd be running plane guard for the carrier and we'd rescue the people that had been knocked off." 

Stahl says while his ship never saw a battle during the cold war, they were always looking for potential threats.

"We are constantly searching for submarines. You never know when something's going to happen or they're going to try to sneak a peek along our coast. We're constantly training every six months around Puerto Rica to live fire on ranges. Fire our missiles and fire our guns."

Stahl was serving on board the Luce when the hostage crisis broke out in Iran.  

"They put us 60 miles off the coast of Libya, due to our capability of firing guided missiles. We stayed at general quarters for 90 days. Every time Libya at Tripoli would launch aircraft, we'd have missiles locked on them before breakwater, 60 miles out." 

Stahl stays active in the American Legion in Westlake.

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