Study: Bed bug cases on the rise in Arkansas

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT)-  You've heardthe common saying "don't let the bed bugs bite." For Arkansans that may very well be the case.

Bed bug cases are on the rise in Arkansas. According to a new study by Terminix Arkansas has seen a 46 percent increase in bed bug calls in the past year.

Most peoplethink bed bugs are only found in dirty rooms or hotels but bed bugs are usuallybrought into your home from somewhere else.

"It's just common in all homes right now," said Shannan Prince with Hyde's Termite and Pest Control.

She said they have noticed a bigdifference in the number of bed bug cases.

"It startedout in the big towns and now it's all the way down to the small towns," Prince said. "We'reseeing more apartment complexes, we are starting to get an increase in calls inresidential."

And the bugsare not limited to one particular area.

"It is not aeconomical issue, it is not a sociological issue, it is everybody regardless ofincome, regardless of social status, everything," Prince said.

And most timesbed bugs get a free ride to your home without you even knowing it.

"You can sitdown in a seat that someone had bed bugs on their shirt it falls on the chairyou sit down, it gets on your coat, falls in your purse, you carry it home," she said.

Prince said bed bugs are very hard to get ridof once they are found in your home.

"The heat ofyour body is what attracts bed bugs," Prince explained. "That's why you find them in bedrooms, that'swhere you sleep, on couches, on furniture, wherever you spent the mosttime that's where you will find bed bugs."

Afterinspecting your home to confirm that you have bed bugs, Prince said they do an extensive heat and chemical treatment.

"You willnotice them, you will notice blood spots where you lay on them and they leavethe blood stain, that's how they are noticed," she said.

Prince said the faster you address the problem,the less time the bed bugs will have to reproduce and find hiding spots allover your home.

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