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Mom shares family's experience after losing everything in house fire


An East Texas man is recovering at a Dallas hospital after being badly burned in a house fire.

Their house caught on fire yesterday morning on private road 3661, just east of Longview. 

The entire Gathier family was asleep yesterday morning, when flames erupted from a wood burning stove they were using to heat their home. 

"We were sleeping and all of the sudden my husband jumped up because he smelled the smoke; he saw it and screamed my name. It was coming down the hallway towards our room. We just happened to wake up in time to get out. If you have kids, the first thing in your mind is to get the kids out. I grabbed my son and jumped out the back door," says Katie Gathier.

Neighbors say the husband in this case received his injuries when he tried to go back into the house to save the family dog.

But the dog was lost along with 8 puppies, and Arthur Gathier now has 2nd and 3rd degree burns for his effort.

"His arms and his back was blistered," Katie says.

Their home is gone.

With a 2-year-old boy and girls ages 6 and 7, the family needs everything.

Particularly the husband.

"He ran out of the house with nothing on. we need clothes for him because he has nothing," says Katie.

They lost everything: clothes, toys, furniture, pictures, and Christmas presents.

But Gathier says she and her husband will stay strong for their family. 

"Got to stay strong for my kids ... for him. You don't realize how strong somebody is until something like this happens," she says. 

The Red Cross is helping the family, and an effort to set up a relief fund is underway.

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