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Oldest living WWII veterans meet for the first time


The second oldest WWII veteran lives right here in East Texas. 

Friday he kicked off the trip of a lifetime to Washington, D.C. by stopping in Austin to meet the other 107-year-old veteran who has him beat by three months.

The pair was all smiles as they joked and shared stories about their past and what they are thankful for.

"He's 107? Well, I better move mine up a little bit," laughed Elmer Hill of Henderson, Texas when he met Richard Overton. 

Overton and Hill met for the first time Friday at a hotel in Austin, where Overton is from. Their connection made it seem more like two long lost friends being reunited.

"How have you been?," Hill asked Overton. 

Both fought in the Pacific during World War II. 

"What I remember most about it was how glad I was to get out," Hill says. 

Hill served in the Navy. Overton was in the Army. 

"Some of the things in the Army that we did you will never forget, but you don't want to tell it," says Overton. 

Overton was recently honored in Washington by President Obama. Hill is taking the same journey to the White House on Monday. 

"Enjoy yourself and try to think of everything you've seen when you come back so you remember where you have been," Overton told Hill. 

"That's going to mean more than I can explain," Hill replied. 

Both men were surprised at the crowd that gathered to greet them. Before having a quieter lunch, they shared some advice for younger generations.

"Be good to yourself and to the master and be a good citizen wherever you are," Hill says.

Hill is set to take off for Washington, D.C. Saturday afternoon. He will head to the White House on Monday morning. His trip is being sponsored by Honor Flight Austin. 

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