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Neighborhood residents say dangerous driving may be putting lives at risk

Cody Adamson says it's time for the city to take action Cody Adamson says it's time for the city to take action

Some residents of a north Lubbock neighborhood say a dangerous situation created by road construction is putting lives at risk.

Cody Adamson says he and his neighbors are fed up with drivers speeding down the roads with some not even stopping at stop signs.

So KCBD headed there with cameras and a radar gun to record what was happening.

KCBD saw several drivers blow through the stop sign on North Salem Avenue and Itasca Street.

But rolling stops are just one concern for the residents of this neighborhood.

"This is a 30 mile per hour zone. It's not 50, it's not 60. This is not the loop, the interstate. This is a residential zone. Please slow down," Adamson said.

The posted speed limit is 30 miles per hour but several cars were topping 40.

Adamson says it's time for city government to take action.

"My message is to the city council members…get in contact with me because I want to sit down with them, I want to have faith in my city government, but I'm losing hope mighty fast," Adamson said.

The neighborhood is in Councilman Victor Hernandez's district.

KCBD has tried to contact him to see if anything is being done to address this matter.

We'll update this story when we have a chance to speak with him.

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