Break In Caught On Tape

Tonight's Crimestoppers lesson: you may not be able to see the camera, but the camera can see you. This is security video from 'Suds and Duds' laundry on Nettleton in Jonesboro. It was released to Crimestoppers through JPD. Our suspect uses a crow bar to break into the office. All the while, he has no idea the camera is about two feet away from him. Eventually, he, and his parter do get in to the office. The police report on this crime says the suspects stole a case of soda and a cell phone. If you think you know this crow-bar-carrying suspect and his partner, call CRIMESTOPPERS, 935-STOP. All you do is tell Crimestoppers what you know. In exchange, you'll be given a tip number. Hang on to that number, and in a couple of weeks, check back with Sgt. Steve McDaniel at JPD to see if your tip was on the money. If it was money is exactly what you will get.

We have our first celebrity warrant watchee:

Martha Stuart has:

  • 6 non payment of fines
  • 1 fail to appear
  • 6 revocation of probation
  • 1 contempt of court

Eric G. Coleman has:

  • 5 non-payment of fines
  • 9 revocation of probation
  • 1 hot check
  • 1 contempt of court

If you know where police can track down Martha Stuart, aka Martha Clairday, or Eric Coleman, call CRIMESTOPPERS, 935-STOP.