Jonesboro Mayoral Candidates Square Off in Round 2

October 12, 2004 -- Posted 11:30 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- The second match up between the 7 candidates for Jonesboro Mayor is now history. The Kiwanis Club hosted Tuesday night's debate at the Nettleton Performing Arts Center.

The 7 candidates running for this office had a week since their first match up to polish their speaking skills and fine tune their messages.

" I will take care of Jonesboro, I will work for you, " said Candidate Paul Bednar.

" I have the most experience, and I am the best qualified candidate to be your next Mayor," said Dan Pierce.

"I appreciate the opportunity to work for you the citizens of Jonesboro," said Candidate Butch Herring. "I enjoy my job and I enjoy serving the public."

During the 2 hour debate, the candidates responded to questions ranging from their vision for the future of Jonesboro and how to handle crime.

Candidate Travis Moore stressed the need to appeal to the younger generation.

"I want to be recognized as the Mayor that gives our children something to do," said Moore.

Candidate Doug Formon talked about cleaning up the streets.

" We have 4 officers that we currently loan out to the 2nd Judicial Drug Task Force, however what I think we need to do is start our own street crimes unit here in Jonesboro," said Formon.

One of the biggest moments of the evening came when all of the candidates were asked if they personally believed Jonesboro is a better place dry or wet.

"I will not promote it," said Paul Bednar.

Greg Cowles is the only candidate that is openly in favor of a wet county.