20 weekend burglaries, car break-ins keep Jonesboro police busy

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's the season of giving, but for some it's also the season of taking. Since Friday, Dec. 13, Jonesboro police have investigated 9 residential burglaries and 11 vehicle break-ins.

Sgt. Doug Formon with Jonesboro Police said even though they step up patrol, the best advice is to keep an eye out for your neighbors.

"Watch their house and let them watch yours as well," said Formon. "We all need to watch out for each other during this time of year."

After the holiday shopping is complete, always make sure it's out of sight in the home.

"Don't make any gifts visible from outside," said Formon. Thief's know it's that time of year and most people are going to have gifts and presents inside the house."

The same goes for your car.

"When you're out shopping lock all your belongings up in the trunk," said Formon. "At least put them out of sight and make sure the cars locked."

Formon said don't let the assumptions fool you. A thief will act in the middle of the day.

"They know we're all out working for a living, trying to get enough money so we can go get those nice gifts," said Formon.

When Christmas is over be sure to dispose the evidence of your new gifts somewhere other than out by the trash.

"Don't leave the boxes out by the curb to show that you got a brand new television set, or a brand new X Box," said Formon.

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