Customers short changed after paying for short stacks at IHOP

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - If you've eaten at the Jonesboro IHOP over the past month you could have been short changed after paying for your short stack. Jonesboro Police say one waitress was altering receipts from her customers to pocket more tip money and raked in hundreds by doing so.

"She was actually altering the tip amounts on there, writing in a different number. If you left a three dollar tip, she'd change it to $8 or whatever," Sgt. Doug Formon with JPD explained.

A police report indicates that she didn't cover her tracks very well though.

"She was actually using a different colored pen at times."

Jonesboro Police say former IHOP waitress Nicole McCay was arrested after an observant manager called police on her. According to a Jonesboro Police report, the night manager noticed that McCay's tips were "unusually high" and began to investigate.

That manager found that over the course of two days, McCay altered the tip section from at least eleven receipts, charging customers that extra amount of money.

"I've gotta hand it to her as the manager," Formon said. "She notified police and contacted us saying that she felt like something was up."

She was right. McCay admitted to police that she'd been altering receipts since around Thanksgiving to make more money as she was pregnant and that her roommate left and took her rent money.

"Overall, we feel like it's not any more than $300 total over multiple people. She was doing very small amounts on each person so you may not notice it."

Formon advises you to check your bank statement to see if you're one of the victims and has tips for making sure your receipts aren't easily altered.

"Make sure you write the tip amount in there clearly and then total it up. You might put a line through over where the tip was so you fill in all that space. Just double check and constantly check your online banking if you have that. Check your statements to make sure that hasn't been altered."

McCay was arrested for theft less than $1,000. When she was arrested, she also had a warrant out for her arrest for non-payment of fines. Both charges are misdemeanors.

IHOP did not wish to comment on the incident but told Region 8 News that McCay was no longer employed there.

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