Council approves merit pay increases for deserving employees

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - After being held in the city council to make a few adjustments, an ordinance for merit pay increases for city employees has passed.

The ordinance would have passed two weeks ago but council members wanted to make sure certain guidelines were in place to avoid abusing it.

The ordinance states that if an employee has exceptional job performance or has received job-related training or certifications, they can be eligible for a pay increase.

"This council at any given time can amend or terminate this merit raise deal and I certainly wanted that in there," Mayor Harold Perrin said regarding the ordinance.

The guidelines also stipulate that a pay increase cannot exceed 25% of an employee's base salary.

The city budgeted $75,000 for merit pay increases for 2014.

The merit increase is not in lieu of any cost of living adjustments.

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