Wilson Elementary students cancel Christmas party, donate to animal hospital

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Wilson Elementary students decided to spend two weeks helping others instead of having a Christmas party.

Fifth graders in Eva Griffin's math and science classes collected 52 blankets and 127 towels to donate to Jonesboro Family Pet Hospital.

"We gave away all these towels and blankets at the pet hospital because they really needed it," said Thalia Jones.

"Some of the dogs and cats when they have surgery they need towels and blankets so they don't have to lay on the hard floor," said Connor Gray.

A Scottish terrier named Doogie is the pet that inspired the students to collect the donations. Since October, they have been following the story about the dog that got thrown from his owners' vehicle in a car accident on I-55 near Osceola.

"When they found him we were all just really happy and we all decided that we should just doing something for the animals this year for Christmas instead of having our Christmas party," said Micah Driver.

Griffin says she used the Doogie's story to teach outside her usual lesson plans.

"Mostly we were just talking about compassion and human kindness because for many people in our area (they) did not think Doogie was alive and did not believe that he would ever be returned home."

Dr. Jim Guntharp says he appreciates the students' effort the fill a need at Jonesboro Family Pet Hospital.

"We always need those because they get ripped. They get tore up. We do have a big need and they supplied that so we appreciate them."

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