December Teacher of the Month: Ms. Callie Caradine-Jones

WYNNE, AR (KAIT)- Afterputting her two daughters through school to become educators, CallieCaradine-Jones decided to go back to school to get her teaching certification.

Ms. Jones teaches a multi-age classroom at Wynne Primary School and believesevery child has what it takes to be successful.

Jones said she loves beingaround her students.

"I lovedoing what I do, even when I was a little girl that was my main goal in life, Iwas going to become a teacher," she said.

Jones taughtfor 8 years in Earle and 5 years at Wynne Primary School and said she haslearned so much along the way.

"I've grownso much, the way technology is today and the children are an all the new resourcesthat we have out there, I have grown," Jones said.

She saidshe tries to instill confidence and self-worth in her students. But alwayswonders if she can do more.

"Am I doingenough, I know I give 110 percent but I feel like am I truly doing all I can tohelp these children. I want every child to be successful in life," she said.

Jones said shetries to meet every student at their level and help them to grow.

"What didn'tI do today that I can do better tomorrow," she said. "I can pullout one more little manipulative. I can find another little book, I can findsomething else."

Jones saidshe wants her students to know that she is fair and honest and that she woulddo anything for them.

"I can lookback on my first grade teacher or my second grade teacher, my kindergartenteacher and know that she was the woman that no matter what I did, she wasthere for me."

Most daysJones stays after school to mentor her students. She also comes to school onthe weekends to prepare lessons for the following week.

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