Fans react to Anderson, his coaching style and his buyout

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This whole 'welcoming a new coach to ASU' thing is nothing new but that didn't keep fans from coming out to the ASU Convocation Center Thursday afternoon to welcome Blake Anderson to Jonesboro.

"Five coaches in five years, we've got this down," Rick Baker, President of the ASU Touchdown Club told Region 8 News.

Though this is the fifth coach the team has had in as many years, it didn't take away any of the excitement that comes along with welcoming a new head coach to Red Wolf Nation.

It was wolves up for a coach fans think is a perfect fit for the current group of boys on the gridiron at ASU.

"The kids that come in here, that's always a big fear when you have a switch if they have a different philosophy, do you have the players to run that philosophy? And he {Mohajir} brought somebody in to match the kids and I really like that," Baker said.

"He's an offensive guy and that's good, I love the pass. He's gonna be good," Paul Guariglia, an ASU alum said.

Of course the players like that too.

"Fast paced offense is what we love and it sells tickets so on behalf of the offense, I'm super excited, I can't hardly contain myself," Freddie Knighten said during the question and answer section of Thursday's press conference.

As for whether the fan base feels we're heading into another one and done season with this new coach, if Anderson's introduction didn't convince fans he was here to stay, his buyout did.

"Buyout's three million, three million, two million, two million, one million," ASU Athletic Director Terry Mohajir said.

The response garnered a lot of cheers and confidence.

Baker told Region 8 News he doesn't think we'll be sitting in the ASU Convo Auditorium this time next year. Baker said if we do, "we'll have had one heckuva year and he's getting a great job somewhere."

"I think we'll have this guy for awhile," Guariglia commented.

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