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Which Phil? Supporters of TV star confused with those of tornado film

The film 'I'm With Phil' is about the recovery effort in Phil Campbell, AL. (Source: Film website) The film 'I'm With Phil' is about the recovery effort in Phil Campbell, AL. (Source: Film website)

The growing controversy over Phil Robertson, star of A&E Network's hit show ‘Duck Dynasty,' is having an unexpected impact in the Shoals.

Robertson spoke openly with GQ Magazine about his belief that homosexuality is a sin. A&E suspended him after making those remarks. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and others have defended Robertson's right to express his beliefs, using the phrase "I'm With Phil."

That phrase has a double-meaning in the Shoals.

People in Phil Campbell have used the phrase for years now. Ever since the April 2011 tornado outbreak, the phrase "I'm With Phil" has been used to reference the town's road to recovery.

Andrew Reed, director of the film ‘I'm With Phil,' has been using the hashtag #ImWithPhil to promote the film, which is about the tornado disaster and the help the town has received in rebuilding.

Many people are now using the hashtag to reference their support for Phil Robertson, in the midst of a media tornado following his comments. Reed was made aware of the new use for #ImWithPhil a few nights ago.

Reed said they've gotten comments about the film being connected to the controversy, but said it has nothing at all to do with that subject, and their stance on the situation is not up for discussion.

"How we feel about it is irrelevant. There's a lot of different people involved in this film from all kinds of backgrounds. It's not a political film and we're not going to use it as a political platform. ‘I'm With Phil' is purely in support of the town of Phil Campbell," he said.

Reed said he hopes the recent attention will draw more awareness to the recovery effort for the town that has been rebuilding for the last two and a half years.

To learn more about the film, go to ImWithPhil.com.

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