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Region 8 cable company responds to viewers' requests to cut A&E


PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - The "Duck Dynasty" backlash has hit Paragould Light Water and Cable. 

"We've had a few of our subscribers that have called and referenced that they would like to see us pull it. We've had a couple of emails that were sent in," said Farron Toler with PLWC.

The company posted a response to the calls and emails on its Facebook page, saying in part, "... due to contract obligations with networks like A&E, we cannot simply stop showing their programming."

Toler says earlier in 2013 PLWC renegotiated with A&E and its affiliate networks.

"A&E is a network that owns several other networks. They own the Biography Channel, History channel, (Crime & Investigation), some other channels and as a group we have contracts with those through 2016."

Toler says PLWC has no intention of breaching the contract, but the company does value customer input, with the Facebook post also saying, "Customer requests will be passed on to the Cable Selection Committee... a varied group of individuals from the community that work with PLWC to determine programming."

"In 2016 if there is some conflict with A&E then we could make a decision of whether or not we wanted to continue airing A&E at that time, but from now until 2016 when those contracts expires we're pretty much locked in."

PLWC customer Jacque Walker says she supports cast member Phil Robertson and her local cable company.

"I think that Phil Robertson has been given a raw deal because as Americans we have freedom of speech," she said. "As far as all the people wanting A&E to be removed from the cable systems and everything I think that would be another infringement upon Americans' rights because those people that do want to watch A&E should have that choice and if they don't want to watch it then they can turn it off."

Call PLWC for more information about the Cable Selection Committee at (870) 239-7700.

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