Rain causes flooded creeks and trapped residents

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) – Saturday's downpour created floods all across Region 8. For some families who live on county road 203 in Lawrence County, getting to any main road after several inches of rain is nearly impossible.

"We have two creeks on both sides of us and when it floods we can't get out," said Resident Lindsey Needham.

Needham said residents have tried reaching out to the county to fix the problem, but they've been told fixing it would cost too much.

"They say it's too expensive to fix it," said Needham. "They brought in gravel one time but the next rain just washed that all out, so it didn't help any."

It's a problem residents on the county road have been dealing with for years. Each time the creeks flood it's a hassle to get anywhere.

"I've not been able to get home before," said Needham. "I've had to sit and wait for it to run down and sometimes its hours, and sometimes it days."

Their biggest concern is having to get out or someone trying to get in, if there was an emergency.

"We have quite a few elderly citizens in this area and if something happened to them, they couldn't get out," said Needham. "No one would be able to get in either."

Needham said her family has tried reaching the County Judge about the issue, but so far have only been able to get a hold the road foreman for the county.

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