Dog searching for new home after life of abuse

Courtesy: Humane Society of Independence County
Courtesy: Humane Society of Independence County

INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) – The Humane Society of IndependenceCounty says all one pit bull puppy wants for Christmas is a forever home.

The shelter, however, has had a tough time finding newowners for the dog after she was rescued from a life of abuse and neglect abouta month ago.

When volunteers found the dog, she was starved, had littlewater to drink and nowhere to sleep. They rescued her, took her into theshelter and named her Blue Belle because of the grayish-blue color of her fur.

The almost two-year-old dog has now picked up a few tricks aswell as a few pounds since she came to the humane society in late November.

"I think she weighed around 30 pounds when she came into theshelter," said Michelle Hanson, the shelter manager. "She now weighs around 40,45 [pounds], so she's gained a lot of weight since she's been here."

Shelter volunteers rescued Blue Belle after getting a tip from a concerned citizen aboutthe dog's questionable living conditions.

"She was chained up," Hanson said. "She had really dirtywater, no food. The people even said – they said we just fed her last week."

Hanson said when Blue Belle got to the shelter, it becameclear that the pit bull loved people but had trouble around other pets.

"She loves people. She loves kids. She does not like otheranimals at all," Hanson explained. "She's very aggressive toward other animals,so whenever we do adopt her out, she needs to go to somebody that she's goingto be the only animal they have."

The humane society normally adopts most of its animals topeople living in Batesville, but Blue Belle cannot go home with anyone thatlives within the city limits. That's because the town banned pit bulls a few yearsago, so if someone's caught with a pit bull, they are automatically fined $600.

"We've done a lot of Facebook, a lot of Facebook," Hansonsaid about advertising Blue Belle. "We've contacted a few rescue groups. Wehaven't had any luck, but we have been trying to get her into a rescue in casewe can't find her a home."

People have also been weary of adopting pit bulls, butHanson said there is no reason to worry about Blue Belle unless she's aroundother animals.

"I mean you never know – any breed of dog can be bad. It alldepends on how they were raised," Hanson said. "She did come from a place whereshe was starved, but I can even show you with treats that she won't bite."

Since she came to the shelter, Blue Belle has worked with adog trainer almost every day to learn obedience as well a few tricks, like sit,shake and lie down. While she keeps practicing these skills, she now joins the129 other animals at the shelter needing a forever home.

"It would be great if [Blue Belle] could get a good home,"Hanson said. "We would all be ecstatic for her."

If anyone is interested in giving Blue Belle a home for theholidays, call the Humane Society of Independence County at 870-793-0090.

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